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What is Your Research Hypothesis for example: the phenomenon of two-photon coherent absorption may provide the possibility to develop efficient methodologies for power-aware system level design of multi-core system-on-chip providing subwavelength scale of metal particles due to the fact that.. How Are You Working on the Verifying That Hypothesis for example: to verify the hypothesis a series of investigations was performed with the use of.. In this section also please provide information on your research objectives, activities you performed up to date and are planning for future. What is Similar Research to This Project and How Does Your Project Differ From That Research for example: most of modern design flow tools for design in nanometer technologies cover only final stages of embedded systems implementation in chips: low power synthesis, leakage power optimization, automatic power grid generation, etc. In the present research I am addressing the problem Why do you think your research may be of interest for Intel for example: the hypothesis mentioned above, if proofed, will provide a theoretical basement for future creation of powerful tools for the advanced simulation of low-power hybrid chips for mobile communication Overall thesis should be single spaced in Times New Roman font, max 3 pages on A4 paper size. The thesis should be in English. The thesis can include figures, graphs, acknowledgements, and important references [1-2]. Submit your applications to scholarship@intel.ru. Subject of the e-mail message should be Scholarship Grant Application. The name of the application should be as the name of the applicant (i.e. sidorov.doc) Figure 1. Figure title [1] A.A.Palkin. Work ref. name here 128 (1999) 260 [2] B.B.Galkin. Work ref. name here 98 (1985) 150      ,-KLM    " < A J N e w     úׯׯׯלufXפhjhq5CJ\aJhqhq5>*CJ\aJhqhj5CJ\aJh5CJ\aJhqhq5CJ\aJhqCJaJhq5CJ\aJhj5CJ\aJhj>*CJaJhjhj>*CJaJhjCJaJhjhj5CJ\aJhFmH sH  hjhjhFh hj"LMe  i | $ & Fa$gd$^a$gdY $ & Fa$gdF $ & Fa$gd* & FgdY $ a$gd $ a$gdj gdF $ a$gdj$a$gd gdj #      F H h i y ~ ȽȽȮ󮠕th\hPhAh h 5>*CJ\aJhFCJaJmH sH h*CJaJmH sH hCJaJmH sH hj5CJ\aJhF5CJ\aJh 5CJ\aJh*5CJ\aJh*h*5CJ\aJhSh*5>*CJ\aJhS5CJ\aJhjhj5CJ\aJhShS5CJ\aJhShS5>*CJ\aJh*5>*CJ\aJ    " . 2 6 ; B C T V W d DGHby{|jkȽtb"jh$UmHnHsHtHuh5_5CJ\aJhjh5CJ\aJh5>*CJ\aJhj5CJ\aJh5CJ\aJhjhj5CJ\aJh 5CJ\aJhjh 5CJ\aJh h 5CJ\aJh h 5>*CJ\aJh 5>*CJ\aJ"ij<=>U$a$gdYgd5_$a$gdj $ a$gd5_ $ a$gdj<>ǿh$hjh!jh!Uh5_hjCJaJmH sH h5_CJaJmH sH hjhj5CJ\aJhjhj5>*CJ\aJ4...)()()()()()&P P8$:pY. 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