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Вышел очередной выпуск информационного бюллетеня Международной ассоциации EuroTics

euroTICS Tech Watch Digest, vol. 1 no. 2, 19 May 2006

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In this issue:
Technology news
- Chinese scientist's fall
- High-definition video could choke Internet
    - Interconnection of quantum encryption networks
    - Fake anti-spyware
- eBay ruling puts patent rights under the microscope

euroTICS news
- euroTICS 2006

Members' corner
- LASER summer school on Practical Programming Processes

Selected CS events

How to contribute

About euroTICS


Technology news
**In a scientist's fall, China feels robbed of glory (David Barboza)

Chinese government said that Chen Jin, a dean of Shanghai's
prestigious Jiaotong university, had faked research and simply stolen
his chip design. This case is a huge embarrassment for China after
this chip had been announced in 2003 as a "breakthrough" that could
help to end the foreign dominance of the chip industry. Mr. Chen, who
has not admitted wrongdoing in this case, was fired from his post and
stripped of his honors and privileges; he might has to repay
millions of dollars in government funds invested in the project.


**High-definition video could choke Internet (Peter Svensson)

There's definitely a trend of using the Internet as a TV substitute;
watching several clips, movies and live-streams is common behavior
for many user in the year 2006. But besides small clips, there are
more and more TV-quality and even high-definition programming sources
out there and the tremendous amount of traffic could make the
Internet choke. Internet service providers say that this is not what
the actual Internet capacity is made for and beefing up the capacity
will be expensive. One possible scenario is that they charge the
content providers to ensure delivery of large video files. Internet
activists and consumer groups are vehemently against those plans.


** Interconnection of quantum encryption networks

Mitsubishi and NEC have successfully interconnected quantum
cryptography systems and the University of Tokyo evaluated the
system's security. It's supposed to guarantee absolute security based
on the law of quantum physics. They interconnected the two different
Mitsubishi/NEC quantum encryption systems and shared the encryption
key  with a new interface. The plan for the next five years is a
quantum cryptographic network.


**Researchers warn of fake anti-spyware (Matt Hines)

The anti-virus software maker's Web Security Report said that the
growth of "rogue anti-spyware" and holding up stolen corporate data
for ransom are two of the fastest growing trends in the security
threat landscape. The false anti-spyware programs can run a fake
computer security scan that claims to find existing spyware programs
and encourage the user to buy the full version of the free
application already on the computer. Ransomware typically locks a
computer's hard drive and leaves a text message what has been done
and how the ransom has to be paid to unlock the data. They say that
there is evidence for a shift from kids launching attacks to shout
down a system to criminals who want it to keep connected to make
money off of you.


**eBay ruling puts patent rights under the microscope (Raymond Van Dyke)

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of eBay in a longstanding
patent dispute. eBay has to pay $29.5 million for infringement of
MercExchange's patent rights, but there's no granting of an
injunction in this patent infringement suit. This decision is good
news for the IT industry, where many patent-holding companies that
are not competitors and just collecting licensing fees from
innovative companies. For other industries like life science or
chemical, the eBay decision will decrease the value of the (comparing
to the IT industrie only few) patents and any erosion of patent right
could create a negative climate for innovation.


euroTICS news
**euroTICS 2006
euroTICS 2006, the annual conference for the Technologies of
Information and Computer Sciences will take place

16-17 October 2006
ETH, Zurich

Conference chair: Christine Choppy (Paris XIII)
Industry chair: Roger Mohr (ENSIMAG)

Members' corner
**LASER summer school

Organized by ETH Zurich, Elba Island (Italy), 17-23 September 2006:
Practical Programming Processes.

Registration deadline 25 May. 10% discount for euroTICS member

Selected CS events
ECOOP 2006: European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming
3-7 July 2006, Nantes

HPDC 2006: International Symposium on High Performance Distributed
19-23 June, Paris

Mensura 2006: International Conference on Software Process and
Product Measurement
6-8 November, Eldiz

WS-MaTe 2006: International Workshop on Web Services - Modeling and
9 June, Palermo

CFP: 4th European Conference on Web Services (ECOWS)
4-6 December, Zurich

CASCON 2006: The 16th Annual International Conference on Computer
Science and Software Engineering
16-19 October, Toronto

CFP: 2nd Asian Workshop on AOSD
19 September, Tokyo

XP 2006: Seventh International Conference on eXtreme Programming and
Agile Processes in Software Engineering
17-22 June, Oulu, Finland

How to contribute
euroTICS Tech Watch Digest welcomes contributions from readers.
Please use the following addresses:

- news@eurotics.org: for news items that you feel
  of interest to the euroTICS community. News should
  be related to the technology of information and
  computer sciences, including (but not limited to)
  those of particular relevance to the European research
  and educational community.
  Include a short description of the item, and a URL.

- announce@eurotics.org: for announcements of events
  organized by euroTICS members. Include a one-line
  description, the name of the organizing institution,
  and a URL.

- editor@eurotics.org for comments about euroTICS
  Tech Watch Digest.

Do not include any copyrighted material. By sending a contribution
you allow euroTICS Tech Digest to edit it and publish it at its 

About euroTICS
euroTICS is the European University and Research Organization for
the Technology of Informatics and Computer Sciences.

The mission of euroTICS is to serve as the voice of the TICS research
and university community in Europe. You can find out how your
organization can become a member of euroTICS at

euroTICS Tech Watch Digest is published every Friday by ETH Zurich on
behalf or euroTICS.

Next issue: 26 May 2006.

euroTICS Tech Watch digest is archived at


Editor: Peter Kiowski.

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